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Some good stuff...

Princess Mononoke

OMG! This has to b one of the best movies and anime I've ever seen. It has easily become by favorite. If u haven't seen it, u need to. The movie was fantastic, I can't stress this enough. It was a long movie, like 2 hours and woth very second. It was about a boy, Ashitake, who has been cursed by one of the animal gods and goes on a journey to solve the problem and maybe find a cure. The animation, effects, and plot were extraordinary and I sat in awe the entire time. NOW, go watch it...

Ashitake from Princess Monoke


X is based on the manga by CLAMP called X/1999. It follows the story of a reluctant hero type who is destined to try and stop the end of the world. This is a fairly good movie, but it is not for you fluffy-happy-magical types. There is a n extreme amount of blood and characters die a lot. It is very morbid and dark and very far from happy. Still its a good movie for anyone into the occult/dark/action manga, and is very entertaining. It earned its R rating.


Okay Peach Girl is a favorite right now. It is such a cute suspenseful story. Its one of those school girl dramas about a girl, Momo, that everyone thinks is a slut becaue of her looks. She ahs a crush on Toji, for 3 years, but also this guy, Kiley, who is the most popular boy in school, likes her too. To make everything craczy her so-called friend Sae is doing everything in her power to get her boys or make her look bad. It is sssssssoooooooo gooa and addictive. :O. If u wanna see it check out tokyopop.com. (in links)


I juss started watching 08th MS Team on Cartoon Network and am finishing up Fushisi Yuugi on tape. 08th Ms Team is turning out to be very good and exciting. Has a great story and the characters are so cool and diverse. One of better Mobile Suit shows (but not beter than Gundam Wing!) Fushigi Yuugi is very good, about a girl transported into ancient China through a book. There are so many characters and you'll get attached to every single one of them. By the way, a big topic is love and relationships, so if you hate mushiness u might haveto skip quite a lot of episodes. BUt the series is MARVELOUS!!! (:D

Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi

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