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Okay from left to right da Paradise Kiss Crew is: Isabella-the tranvesite, George-the leader n designer, Yukari-is the main character and model, Miwako-the cutie, calls Yukari Caroline, and Arashi-the punk, Miwako's boyfriend

Rights to original owners n Ai Yazawa.



Paradise Kiss MAnga at Tokyopop

Paradise Kiss is on the cutting edge of sequential art with
high-quality pop-art illustrations that stretch the limits of traditional manga stereotypes. With characters who run
the gamut of fashion, from the chic to the bizarre,
Paradise Kiss is a coming of age story rooted in high
comedy and one girl's awakening to her own beauty.
With bizarre humor and street style, Paradise Kiss is one
of the top selling shojo titles in Japan and reminiscent of
American Indie Comics such as Chynna Clugston-Major's Blue Monday.

Below is a section from Hanami Gumi Manga Reviews

The Characters

Yukari (Caroline) Hayasaka:
A tall, pretty high schooler who used to think that studying is everything. Having been sick and tired of school for a long time, she finds comfort and relief from
meeting with the Paradise Kiss group after school. She's been scouted as their model and now has Johji as her major motivation.

Johji (George) Koizumi:
The charismatic leader and designer of Paradise Kiss. Being the top of his class, everyone repects his talent for designing. Somewhat serious and adult-like, but at the same time loves to fool people with half-truths. Likes Yukari and wants her to model his clothes but is a bit aloof.

Miwako Sakurada:
Very sweet and angelic, she's another member of Paradise Kiss. Her older sister is Mikako, who owns her own clothing line, "Happy Berry." She's Arashi's girlfriend
now, but in the past, she was torn between Arashi and Hiroyuki. Calls Yukari "Caroline."

Arashi Nagase:
Miwako's boyfriend and a member of Paradise Kiss. Becase his father's a punk rocker, it influenced him to get body piercings and to join a band. Though outwardly scary,he cares about Miwako and Paradise Kiss. Is very possessive of Miwako.

My NoTe: Poor Isabella keeps getting ignored! He/she needs bigger parts! I don't know much about Isabella except that she cooks really really really GOOD and is a transvesite who is very tall and has purple hair. (Btw George has blue!)


This is one of my many favorite parts--its very funny. Everyone should go read this manga, its soooooooo good!