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Hey Hey people! Sooooo...let's talk bout ME!!!!

Me on da way 2 prom

Name: Christine
B-day: 1-3-85
Sex: Female
Nicknames: Xtine, Pygmy Demon, Purple Turtle, Minion, Bootz, Chris, Shorty, Evil
Alter egos: FireCracker, Boombaba, GORACK THE MIGHTY, Pure Evil

Alright, I'm short, 5 feet, maybe a little less or a little more. I weigh like 85 pounds, maybe 88...i don't remember. I love Anime, manga, and drawing..so get used to it. hehehee. I am insane, easily confused, yet pretty smart. I love having fun, crazy times and dancing (like..u know) Hahaha. I love kiss dolls...got into it when i was like 9 or 10 from my dad and what like 7 years later i finally make my own doll...go figure. I'm very friendly, very entertaining, type a lota my friends feel they can tell anything (kef...expect Chiffione)

I'm working on a cool comic book but i'll talk bout that another time...i'll put lotz pics up so don't be sad. I am like addicited to ice tea and mints. These = hyperness. I have found out that taking Pepsi while eating an altoid..is incredibly crazy and i scared a lot of people the last time i did it. I'm a party animal, but I guess that's cuz I go to an ALL-GIRL CATHOLIC high school...it gets kinda depressin around there 10 months outta the year...at some points you don't even know what a boy looks like anymore, Hahaheeha. Boyfriend: Haha that is freaken funny..::sniff:: I have no luck....ohhh well.

Middle name: Anne
School: Lehman Honors College
Location: Bronx, New York YEA!!
Siblings: Richard 17, James 15, Katharine 10
Background: Irish (Mom) and Italian-american(Dad)
Religion: Catholic
Sign: Capricorn
Looks: Short, shoulder length dark dirty blond/light brown hair, green eyes, shortness, tininess, cuteness. teeheehe
Misconception: Okay just cuz I'M SHORT doesn't mean that I can't hurt you. I'm quite strong and can do a hell of a lot of damage. U tall and big people don't no what ur getting ur self into...me (and Alissa are the two most violent short people you'll ever meet) THAT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH!! I'm not damn defendless! I even took karate for 3 years. Jeezzz, people need too stop judging by looks!!! and then their shocked when they see what i can do...ARGHHHH! Only by friends know the truth...have seen the marvels...have been beaten suddenly with force for no apparent reason..and guy friends cower when i'm mad. Ohhhh! that was fun.>:O

Superhero name: (thanks to Latin class) Cutie Pie

Turn ons: OMG!! I don't know...ICE TEA HAHAhaha Hot guys

Turn offs: Smoking and drugs-makes no sense to me-just makes people smelly, ugly, and stupidy. Betta getting high off friends, laughter, and hyperness.

Firecracker?: Picked as on-line identity cuz it describes my personality or me or whateva-a TINY explosive that makes LOUD noise and sparks. WOO-HOO!

Obsessions: Anime, manga, comics, cartoons, cuties (like Kiley, Goku, Gene, Tenchi, so on plus real ones), Internet, television, doodling, my comic book, kiss dolls, fun, sleep

Dating: sure...boys boys all types of boys black white puerto rican chinese boys lolol

Fave season: winter

Fave weather: rain-I really like rainy nights, its comfy and calming.

Fave animal: between monkey and cat

Things that FREAKEN ANNOY me: wet clothes, saving or taping over stuff, selling out of what u want to buy, boredom, non-comfy chairs (like the one i'm in right now) sleep-less nights, not getting enough sleep, not sleepin in, snobs, ditsy and stupid people, interuptions, bro dissin on anime shows, changing times and channels of fav shows, slowness, homework, inconsiderate people, my job, sand

Fave shirt: Mesh long sleeve with pink dragon patch

Fave dress: One shoulder black dress with eagle and roses screen-print

Fave Shoes: MY KNEE-HIGH BLACK BOOTS- i love these!

Fave pants: white Mudd jeans with laces, studded blue jeans

Fave stores: H&M, Mandee's, Forever 21, Hot Topic, Sears, JC Penny, Sam Goody, Barnes and Noble/Borders, comic book stores

Habit: twirling hair, daydreamin', doodling

Anime characters I'm most like: Hmmm...i'd have to say either Videl or Bulma or Ryoko or Washuu.-smart, funny, entertaining, and violent.-me in nutshell.

Manga character: Miwako---definitely Miwako! Except for all the pink but its all good!

Fears: DOGS!!!, drowning, not makin it in life, being FREAKEN lonely for the rest of my life.

Stupid notion: that i'll b a little housewife with the cooking, cleaning, preparing, and yaddy yaddy yadda....umm sorry....nooo...AIN'T happening.

Okay that's ENOUGH! I can't do this telling of me stuff....I need to get one of those running lists of questions of me to answer and you to read..soo someone send to me please. I'm sure this was entertaining, random, and infomative, but its bout me...yea...now movin on! WHOOPIE!


This is my HUSBAND!!!!!!! My favorite guy of now! Its Kiley from Peach Girl and I absolutely adore him.....tis the perfact guy! and any other boy will have to be compared to him! Aieeeeeeee! I love my Kiley and we will b in love foreva.......isn't he adorable! So hands-off, he is my man and u can juss look at his wonderhul, hot face. (Yes..I am crazy, but he's mine....)



Yesssss! That is wat Arashi said to me when we first met! Now we're lovers...hmmm yes! AIEEEE! Arashi is such a cutie! =^o^=


sumomo---me on ice tea!

Favorite Stuff

Just some things u should know bout cuz I absolutely love and adore them:

Favorite TV Show: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Favorite Movies:13th Warrior,Lord of the Rings,Princess Mononoke, Sleepy Hollow, The Matrix, & the Patriot.
Favorite Man: ORLANDO BLOOM!!!! :D (of course!)-->Damn!
Favorite Bands: No Doubt, Orgy, n okay ones like Linkin Park, SR-71, Bon Jovi, n Sum 41... OOo n New Found Glory and Avril Lavigne n Unwritten LAw n Blink 182 n Saves The Day
Favorite Music: Everything-except probably country...
Favorite Song: Aerosmith's "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"
Favorite Comics/anime:Pardise Kiss, Chobits, Love Hina, Peach Girl, Scion, Fushigi Yuggi, Outlaw Star, Tenchi, Oh My Goddess!, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evagelion, Lodoss Wars,etc..
Favorite Games:Dead or Alive 1&2, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear
Favorite Foods:Pizza, Pasta, Mints, vanilla, chicken, pork, hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, Cake!
Addiction: ICE TEA! (and suga and mints but mostly ICE TEA!)

"My personality is so bright, it'll make up for anything else I don't have-like height."-Sisqo

"Not to idolize myself or anything like that, but I'm a big fan of me."-Jimmy Fallon

"I believe in rainbows and all that. But its the shade that defines the light."-Tori Amos
"I don't mind showing flaws. I think the beauty in people is flaws."-Brad Pitt

"I am timeless, like the sky drifting off into the vast regions of outer space, bending into itself and becoming one with all living beings everywhere beyond the sun. Or 3. Yes, I am definitely 3 years old."-Space Ghost

Name: Christine
Birthday: 1-3-85
Zodiac: Capricorn baby!
Nationality: IRISH! (yeah n some Italian)
What time is it: 10:12 p.m.
Are you sensitive: depends...some would definitely say no

>***Person Who last....***
>Called: Alissa
>Slept in your bed: my luver...yeah that would b me (or Orlando Bloom)
>Saw you cry: myself
>Made you cry: umm its been awhile...i guess Dad or Peteypop
>You shared a drink with: I think twas Alissa or Vonne
>You went to the movies with: Da fam man---STAR WARS II
>You went to the mall with: Alissa, Tiff, Ralph, Crys,& Nessa
>Yelled at you: my dad
>Sent you an email: Tiff Tiff

>****Have you ever... ****
>Taken a picture of yourself with a millk moustache and sent it to the people that makes the commercials? Umm sowwie no...haven't got around to that juss yet.
>Said "I love you" and meant it? no...ain't had da chance...unless u mean Alissa & Vonne ::wink wink::
>Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat etc?: Ain't got onezzz--but my bird yes all da time!
>Been to New York?: i live here duh
>Been to Florida?: nope
>California?: nope
>Hawaii?: nope
>Mexico?: nope
>China?: nope
>Canada? Y would i want 2? J/k DAMNIT!! Wat da HELL is this! I've been to Ireland tons of times---that SHOULDA been a ?
>Danced Naked: all tha time come watch sometime
>Had a dream about something really crazy,then it happens the next day? ooo yah..thats juss crazy shit
>Stalked someone?: no but i get stalked! hahaha
>Had a mud bath?: nope
>Wished you were the opposite sex?: usually no until that bitch called red tries to kill me evey month!
>Had an imaginary friend?: yah...dat's one crazy bitch
>What time is it now?: 10:25 p.m.
>apples or bananas? both
>Blue or red?: RED!
>Backstreet boys or nsync?: backstreet! I like my boyz heterosexual
>Walmart or target?: I no no
>Spring or Fall?: fall ummm cuz its so rainy in da spring n I is always stuck in it w/ no umbrella
>Santa or Rudolph?: rudolph..he's got a red nose
>What are you gonna do after you finish this?: sleep cuz thats wat I like
>What was the last meal you ate?: pizza n pizza n MINTZ n mintz
>High school or college?: college
>How many of your buddies are online?: 11
>Last movie you saw?: Star Wars II was last one in movies but I juss watched da princess bride for da millionth time.
>Last noise you heard?: keyboard bing bing n Escape from New York on TV
>Last smell you sniffed?: My new lipgloss...smells like mints! Whoa thats a surprise!

>What do you think about Ouija Boards?: they're da DEVIL! haha j/k
>What book are you reading now: A Streetcar named Desire (thanks to Tiff)
>Nicknames: Pygmy, Purple Turtle, Minion, Angel, Luv Child, Infinte Child of Luv, Chris, Lil Mariani, Puppy, Midget, Psycho, Gremlin---umm i can't remeber ne more
>Hair Color: brownish or blondish---its confused
>Height: 5ft i like to believe---Alissa's MOM said i'm like 4'10'..grr
>Pets: my Damn ass bird Corky
>Siblings: HAHA yah damn assholes---Rich-17, James-15 (he's da cool 1), and Katharine,10.
>Been drunk? yah..they juss handed to u In Ireland...even if ur only 8
>Taken any illegal substances: nope mesa angel ;D
>Gone out in public in your pajamas: Well techinally they were supposed to b pj tops but i think they too cute so I wear
>Missed school b/c it was raining: Hell no...Dad would beat me w/ a shovel
>windy? n bury my body in da backyard
>Set any body part on fire for amusement: ummm no i no think so though its probably happened n i'm juss blockin it out
>Kept a secret from everyone: yup yup...i good at secrets *stealth assassin*!
>Wanted to hook up with a friend: OMG! too many times! Peteypop!
>Cried during a movie: Hell no...wat ya think i am?
>Had a crush on a teacher: omg no
>Ever thought an animated character was hot? ::ahem:: do u want to b here all nite? Juss a few okay--KILEY! George! Tenchi, Gene, Vegeta, Tamahome, Darien, Arashi...okay I gottta stop...
>Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: okay stuff otha ppl got 4 me---like i got a Jordan Knight doll cut off his braid n shoved his earring through his heard.
>Planned your week based on the TV Guide: hahaha yah all 2 often...its da movies man!
>Prank called someone: hehehe
>Been on stage: yay! Vonne n Me---Once upon a December! n otha times

>Shampoo: Herbal Essences
>Soap: bath n body...jupiner
>Colors: red, black
>Day or Night: night
>Summer/Winter: winter...i like being cozy n warm ooooo
>Lace or satin: I am guessin satin
>Cartoon Character: Grrrrrrrrr n Invader Zim---i figured i'd save u all n do american cartoons

>*****IN THE LAST 2 Weeks******
>Cried: possib;y...but i doubt
>Cut your hair: noo ::must restrain urge:: I gotta GROW it!
>Been abducted by space aliens: HELL ya! How else can u explain my insanity! i am their Earth Queen!
>Worn a skirt: everyday damn dress code
>Been mean: I'm Queen BITCH 2 u no--Somebody's gotta keep evryone in line!
>Been sarcastic: who me? hehehe naaaah
>Talked to someone you have a crush on: HELL YEAH! all da time
>Hugged someone: on a constant basis--its a nonstop thing gotta spread da luv---only pokin does it betta!
>Fought with your parents: DAD is GONNA KILL ME!! like 10 mins ago
>wished upon a star: too much
>Laughed until you cried: Hell yeah! omg i'm gonna bust somethin 1 of these days
>Played Truth or Dare: nope
>Watched a sunrise/sunset: i guess a sunset...u can see those things in da Bronx?
>Went to the beach at night: nope
>Spent quality time alone: yes too much
>Ate a meal: ummmmm yah always
>Are you lonely: sometimes...im good
>Are you happy: pretty much
>Are you talking to someone online: yah..Spritz (My Alissa) cuz no one else is talkinnnnnnn

>******DO YOU BELIEVE IN******
>God/Devil: yup
>Love: most definitely
>Love @ First Sight?: yup...though i am still ify
>The Closet Monster: he's my luva...oops no he's not
>The Big Bang Theory: yup i like explosions---i should b a pyrotechnic
>Heaven/Hell: yah
>Superstitions: unfortunately got a few of those


>What is your full name?: Christine Anne Joan M.
>Who named you? My mommy
>When was the last time you showered?: like a 2 hrs ago
>What color pants do you have on right now?: blue glitter jeans
>What is right next to you? a lamp on da desk
>What is your computer desk made of?: umm..,wood how am i supposed to no?
>Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: i no no...i'd need a gleaming man god first don't i?
>How's the weather right now?: twas fine like 6 hrs ago...but i inside so i no give a shit
>What did you do last night?: slept...work killed me so boring
>How are you today?: tad bit pissed, tired, n moody--- ima good
>How do you eat an Oreo?: Da white stuff 1st...damn thats gonna sound weird n i'm gonna get yelled at my somebody!
>What makes you happy?: my friendz, me, laughin, feelin loved, mintz, video games, talkin, dancing about, poking, insanity
>What makes you mad?: certain ppl, annoyin ppl, getin yelled at 4 nutin, cleanin my room, certain asshole boys i usta go to school w/, assholes, hunger, Rich, havin to do work, being IGNORED, finals, my job
>What do you want to be when you grow up?: an artist...comics or video games...id luv to have my own studio or company or sumethin
>What are your future goals? college
>Favorite Food?: pizza, food in general!
>Favorite movies: OMG! LOTR, Star Wars, da 13th Warrior, Sleepy Hollow, Princess Mononoke, Spider man, DA MATRIX!!!--i'm tired n therez so many!!!!!!!!
>Fave guys cologne?: i dunno andrew peters its all GOOD
>Do u like to dance?: umm hell yah! i like it freaky hahaha
>Fast or slow?: both
>Fave clothes brand?: whatever is a 0 or xs...that and Divided from H&M
>If you could change your name what would it be?: Kilian or Caiierin! They my elf names! woooooo i wanna b an elf!
>Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: yup, my Lucky pup from tiff n my ducky
>What will your first son's name be?: KENICKIE!!! HAHAHA Yes it would b Kenickie!
>First daughter: Therese
>Favorite drink? OMG!!! ICETEA!! did they even need to ask dat?
>Do you like scary or happy movies better?: scary
>On the phone or in person?: in person--n phone over im
>Lust or Love?: Love most definietly