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Okay I'm really big on art and I hope to pursue a career in it. I've been extremely influenced by manga and anime and the style seems to seep into anything I draw. I haven't gotten around to scanning the drawings I want to put in, so right now I only have my Kiss dolls.

Kiss Dolls are basically dress up dolls for ur computer. I've been into this since I was like 9, but I made my first doll, Korin, over the summer. korin got 3rd place on the Top 25 of the Week and I think She had an approval rating of 83%. I've gotten many comments that she is very good for a beginner doll...so thanks for liking her so much. The doll I've been working on right now is the bottom pic. Her name is Akarui. Yeah, she's done! WOOOO! :D U will like yes...u can download here cuz I understand that not everyone has a subscription to BKp...(...ahem like me...-_-) U must download a viewer at the BKP to use these files. Enjoy! :P

Korin Kiss Doll

Download Korin!!

Okay this is Akarui and she's finally done! She took sooo long. Between school and so many Fkiss2 functions or whateva. Ah no, the silly hair and makeup switching. I think I overdid it though...don't get me wrong u guys r gonna love all the options. U could have possible have more fun with the makeup then the clothes....there juss soooo much. I don't know why i pout so much...its sucks now for all the friggin codin but hey it looks cool. U guys r gonna love it..i doubt i'll do it again anytime soon. Anyway, she's got 25 hair options, 12 lipsticks, 6 eyeshadows, 2 mascaras, and 4 eyeliners. See wat i mean. But shes cool...there juss one prob n that is original setting 4 hair and makeup will return everytime u swicth to another set...so if this annoys u, I'm sorry but i gotta move on to a new project. My suggestion is juss work on one set...oh well Punky's dolls do the same thing so its not a big deal. So ignoring that little bit u will love the doll! Have fun! : D

New kiss--Akarui

Download Akarui!!

My KiSS Workshop!!

She's DONE!!

Paradise Kiss: Miwako!!


Okay ppl! Its Miwako! Da aborable little girl (who happens to b 18!!) from the extraordinary comic book Paradise Kiss. The series is so good! She's done!! YAYAY! She has the hair and clothes from the issues so far that I have read, which would b issues Jan-April of Smile, up 2 stage 10. She's very cute and very pink. Purple too. She has taken like 2 1/2 weeks. She doesn't have that big of a wardrobe as my other dolls but I'am trying to be very accurate. She has 6 hair styles and reacts 2 poking. Have fun!

Download Miwako!!