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Okay, this is my site for the object of all my affection, of course, ORLANDO BLOOM! Ahh yes, Orlando Bloom, the amazing actor and all around stunning man! Well, this is where we'll all glorify him.

Okay so if you don't know, Orlando does a marvelous job as Legolas in the oustanding Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings. On this site, you'll be able to look anything up on him-from biography to pictures to his roles, etc. I'll have tons of fun stuff too, hopefully poles and such.

Orlando is an amazing talent and he deserves to be recognized. I adore him and I am proud to be among the first to be a part of his international fan base. Too bad I waited so long to actually set this site up. (Its b/c for months he's been on his own page in my personal site but it's time for him to have a site.) I hope this turns out to be entertaining and up to the standards of Bloomin' Marvelous and Orlando Bloom Obsession. I hope that in the end this site reflects Orlando Bloom totally and absolutely and makes many other fans proud. :D Me <3 Orli

Updates-----------Alwaaays a good thing!

6-7-02--After like 7 months of being lazy, my masterpiece is complete. I hope u all enjoy!

By the Way: I am NOT Orlando Bloom nor his agent nor in anyway affliated with him. I am just an avid fan displaying my admiration and love for this actor. All rights to him or their respective holders.

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