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Oooo Orli! I did not know u were in this...wait...no that's not u is it! Crazy!

Charlie Sheen and Orlando Bloom
charlie-orli--its freaky--they could b related

Justin Timberlake and Orlando Bloom
justin-orli--Hate to say it --they look alike here

Tom Welling and Orlando Bloom
tom-orli--and it was Superman that started it all

Ryan Stiles and Orlando Bloom
ryan-orli--It's da smirk and eyes when they smile

Of Course--Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom
ewan-orli--THey're SOO Hot!!! Now, ELF or JEDI?!?

Okay, people now we all know that there are more! There are many pictures where Orli just looks quite a bit like some one else. So get cracking and send in what you find. Also, I know that Orli in the GQ pic in the top left corner of every page looks like someone, but I just cannot think of it. So happy oodling and hunting!

If you do find one, try to get me da picture of the person and the picture of Orli that matches. This shopuld prove to be lots of fun!